We've often heard women quote this myth as fact, saying that shampooing one's hair every single day is bad for the hair.  It's another simple question with a not-so-simple answer.  The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  A person's hair washing schedule should vary according to her individual needs, and there are many issues to consider:

The idea behind this myth is that washing hair daily will cause it to dry out.  If you find that your hair is drying out from daily washings, then problem is most likely the products that you are using, not the frequency with which you are using them.  The right shampoo and conditioner for your hair will actually add moisture to your hair, not take it away.

Another issue to consider is how much oil your scalp produces.  If your hair gets very oily, then shampooing once a day will help alleviate this issue.  If it does not get oily, then it's okay to wait 2-3 days in between shampooings.

Finally, what color is your hair?  The answer to this question may help you determine how often to wash your hair.  Blonde hair is at its shiniest when it is completely free of any oils, dirt, or product buildup.  The cleaner you keep your hair, the more stunning your blonde locks will look.  Darker hair, on the other hand, can actually look better with a little bit of oil and buildup.  For brunettes and reds, feel free to skip a day or two for that beautiful second-day look.

We hope we've cleared up some of the confusion regarding this hair myth.  Your hair is unique, and you should have your hair salon stylist consult with you on the hair products and hair care routine that is perfect for your hair.