Why a career at georges?

For over 35 years, Georges Hair Designs has been synonymous with the latest hair trends and service excellence. Georges offers career opportunities for aspiring experts AND entry-level stylists. Here are some benefits a career at Georges offers:

Guaranteed income

Georges Hair Designs is an established salon with an established clientele that was built up over our 35+ year history.  Our locations are in high-rent, high-visibility locations with lots of foot traffic and walk-ins.  This gives stylists the perfect platform to develop and grow a clientele. In addition, you are always guaranteed a pay minimum.

TEAMWORK Environment

As commission-based salon, the goal of management and the rest of the salon team is to see that your income potential is maximized. The salon staff members work together to achieve this and to keep the salon functioning effectively so everyone is successful. The relationship between management and stylists is a partnership. If you succeed, we succeed.

Mentorship and education

Each salon has managers and senior stylists tasked with helping junior stylists and developing their skills.  As well as mentorship, Georges frequently offers paid education throughout the year as well as a paid training program for new stylists.  We have a 35+ year history of mentorship and education. Skill in our industry is based on experience. Instead of working under someone else to build their clientele, you are working independently from day one with mentorship to aid you in developing your own clientele and building your own income.  If you aren't getting experience, you aren't developing as a stylist, and we train through mentored experience.

career growth

Georges has advanced tracking systems to help stylists grow their career.  Each month, you meet with a salon director to review statistics and evaluate growth opportunities.  You are guided towards success and never left to struggle on your own. 


Georges supplies stylists with a large inventory of all backbar haircolor, shampoos, and a number of styling products. Appointments are booked by our front desk staff.  Stylists do not need to manage their own book and answer calls 24 hours per day.  That's what our front desk is for!  Prices are standardized so their is no discussion or negotiation of prices with your salon guests, making pricing and charging much easier.


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